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MermaidsUK Swim Test

*Minimum age 6 years old

*Swim 25 metres comfortably

*Be able to submerge your face fully whilst swimming

*Be able to tread water in both shallow and deep water

*Be able to lift your knees and turn 360 degrees in both directions

*Be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5 metres

If you are unsure you can visit the youtube video:

MermaidsUK swim test

2019-03-10 13.51.27.jpg

45 minutes & 1 hour experience

These experiences give participants a general knowledge of our underwater 'Merkingdom'. They will be taught safety skills without their tails and have fun with underwater games. If participants reach the required standard they will end the session becoming a fully fledged mermaid or merman.


2 hour experience

Our 2 hour experience will offer all participants a photo opportunity with their tail and accessories prior to getting into the water. Participants will then learn safety skills and be involved in underwater games without their tails. They will progress to wearing their tails and will have another opportunity for underwater photos and videos.


Meet a mermaid

For those participants that are not quite ready for in the water activities they can visit a mermaid. They will be able to have a photo with her, with accessories and have a chat about the amazing world of 'Merkingdom'



These are aimed at groups of friends and families but most importantly are organised around your times and dates.


Our parties include:

*Safety instructions

*Dry side photos and in water photos

*The use of 6 tails

*45 minutes in the water activities

To make your party a real splash for an additional charge we can add:

*Extra tails

*Party bags


*Gift and card for Birthday girl/boy

*Access to party room

*Mermaid cake and/or cupcakes

Please contact for further details

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